Songs I love to code to:

  1. Videotape by Radiohead

  2. Warrior’s Dance by Prodigy

  3. Max and Ruby’s opening credits

adj. blaz·ing [blaz′·ing]

    of outstanding power, speed, heat, or intensity

noun. Frog [frɒg]

    a derogatory word for a French person

What you should know




Senior Software Engineer


Paris, France

Sacramento, CA since 2001

favorite time waster:

Geeking it out with my iMac

biggest supporter:

My soulmate of 16 years

growing past time:

My 2 children

will also:

Enjoy good wine with good friends, run, watch HBO

will not:

Get bored, stop buying gadgets, watch reality TV

favorite geeky joke:

"There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't"

A classic tale of an early encounter between a young boy and an (already then) old computer his dad brought back home.

The idea of crafting my own autoexec.bat to bring up a personalized menu, allowing me to choose which program to run was just too exciting to pass up...    

Then it was on to get my computer degree back in Paris where I also met my lifetime companion.

First part of career in the mainframe world (IBM 30xx, Natural, DB2, Adabas, CICS, TSO...). In 2001, a long anticipated move to where I’ve always felt I belonged: sunny California!

In 2007, A self-imposed, 6-months-long, after-hours study of the Java language leads me to pass the Sun Certified Java Programmer certificate on my first try. Got re-assigned within my company to work on more Linux-based web projects. Loving it.

Then, over 20 years after it all began (holy crap), got my first Mac. A revelation. Wondering how I’ve been able to live all these years without a UNIX-based machine to play with... ;)

My son’s latest pics