AddPics (sidebar droplet): I use a particular file structure to store my pictures (pictures my family sends me, my wife's family, my own pictures...). It usually goes like "2010 04 - Kids" or "2010 04 - Sis". It just makes things easier to visualize in Picasa.

So whenever I receive new pictures, usually in an email, I need to drag-and-drop them into the appropriately named folder (which branch of the family, what month and year).

It opens a small window prompting me to choose who the pics are from, then drops them in the right folder (creating the folder if needs be).

AddToiTunes (sidebar droplet): This simple script adds whatever file (or files contained in a folder) to my iTunes library. Because I checked the "keep my iTunes library organized" in iTunes, it copies the files where they're supposed to go. The script then prompts me whether I want to delete the original files ("blast'em" is what the script really asks...)

ClearCurrentLyrics (clickable, no front-end): A small script that blanks out the lyrics of whatever song is playing in iTunes (because I ran into a bug that prevented me to do so manually).

LockSleepScreen (clickable, no front-end): To bring up the login screen (where all the users are listed) and sleep the machine. I mapped this one to a keyboard shortcut.

MountBackupUnmount (clickable, no front-end): This mounts your Time Machine drive, performs TM backup, and unmounts. I used this one when my noisy 1TB IOmega drive was tethered to my iMac so as not to hear it hum constantly for no reason. It since moved to the closet, along with my Airport Base Station so no need for this one anymore.

MyTunes (v2) (clickable, front-end): We have multiple users set-up on my iMac and one shared iTunes library. It's great that we can all share the same iTunes library but one drawback to this set-up is that only ONE user can have iTunes open at a time. This script is meant to replace the iTunes icon in your dock: it will first check if another user has iTunes open and prompt you to close (kill it really) it on his/her side, then open it on your side.

OrganizeFinders (clickable, no front-end): Mapped to a keyboard shortcut. This resizes and places any open Finder window in neat order on my screen (imagine your screen divided in 4 rectangles, each one filled one of your Finder window).

Publish Site & Tags  (clickable, no front-end): It’s a mix of Automator and AppleScript to use with iWeb and the super handy “iWeb SEO Tool” to re-apply all your metatags, metadata... that iWeb wipes out every time you publish. The app is meant to be used instead of the “Publish Site Changes” option in iWeb: It publishes the changes, then opens iWeb SEO Tool, re-applies the saved tags, and closes it.

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