It is definitely, a little bit, kinda maybe Apple-centric. Granted.

But only because they found a way to integrate, almost effortlessly, so many devices into my everyday life. It all started with an iPhone back in December 2007. Now, I was going to say I don’t know any iPhone owner that subsequently switched to another device but that would be lying. There was one.

Until he came back and got an iPhone 3GS. True story.

Anyway, the iPhone provided me access to a splendid UI and apps that made many small tasks... easier! (and cooler too). Then, the Remote app came out and promised to give me immediate access to ALL my music, without touching anything but my sweet phone.

As long as my computer was on... Wasn’t long until I got the “always-on” Apple TV to seal the deal.

Then, I thought “why stop with the living room”? That’s when my first airport express came in. Allowing me to get my music into my second favorite auditorium: the bathroom.

The second airport express became needed when my son started to like his TV a little too much, making the living room wholly dedicated to Spongebob and Clifford. Why, let’s move the kitchen then!

The iMac (or as my wife calls it, my third child) was the next logical step to becoming an exclusively Apple household. Check.

The iPad? Not mine. Hers. Great stuff, huge potential. But my wife won’t let me jailbreak it... so, no fun.

planned upgrades

In the air right now... Getting rid of my overly expensive, under-used satellite receiver.

The idea is to go all broadband (Hulu, networks’ web offerings, iTunes, Netflix streaming...)

My Apple TV kind of does that but is not up to the task of running any flash-based player like Hulu or Netflix’s player (assuming it’s already been hacked). It’s just too limited.

So, I’m looking at upgrading it to a Mac (what else) Mini with enough muscle to get the job done. I’ve read about various similar set-ups ere or here and I’m very tempted.

The only draw back I’m seeing is the learning curve for the rest of the family... As improved and good-looking as the various media center applications are out there, they’re still not as accessible as a good ol’ IR remote and a set-top box.

We’ll see...

My Home IT Setup