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Click here for Latipics 1.x support.

What You need to Use Latipics 2.x

  1. A smart phone (with a data plan) that you’ll need to carry with you when you take your pictures. Google lists the compatible devices and how to get your GPS location updated in Latitude here.

  2. A Mac running Snow Leopard or more recent (> 10.6) with internet access on which to run Latipics.

If you’re here, it probably means that you know what Google Latitude is. If not, watch the short video below.

Get a Google Account and Activate Google Latitude

First, if you don’t already have one, get yourself a Google account (essentially a gmail address to gain access to all the Google services).

Then, go here to activate Google Latitude on your account.

How to Use Latipics

  1. 1.First, you need to log into your Google account by clicking                 . This is done through Latipics and is completely safe since we do not capture your credentials. What you will see is actually a browser window displayed into the app to allow you to talk directly to Google.

Then, you will need to authorize Latipics to access your Google Latitude history.

How Do I Select Pictures?

There are a few different ways to select pictures to add them to the app:

  1. Click on                               . This will open up the file chooser (see below). The keyboard shortcut is “COMMAND + O”.


  1. Drop a folder or pictures directly into the app.

  1. Copy and paste pictures into the app.


What File Types Are Accepted?

The following extensions will be processed:

How Does Latipics Know Which Location to Use?

You are able to specify an acceptable range of time before and after the picture’s timestamp to query Latitude (default is 15 minutes before and after). The closest match will be used.

The range can be set in the Preferences (click on the Latipics menu and select preferences, the keyboard shortcut is “COMMAND + ,”). Note that the maximum range is 60 minutes before and after.

The Other Options

In addition to the time range to use, you can select among the following options:


  1. Always override existing GPS information if present on the picture. This tells Latipics to store the location it’s given by Google Latitude even if there is already geolocation information in the picture. Be aware that you would lose whatever prior location was stored in to the picture. The default is set to NO.

  1. Always update Date and Time on picture file. This tells Latipics to mark the physical file as recently updated and use the current date and time as the “last update date”. The default is set to YES.

  1. Keep a copy of the original image (renamed ..._original). This is for added peace of mind and simply tells Latipics to save a version of the picture prior to changing it. The default is set to YES.

Just Do It!

Clicking on                               will get the ball rolling and start the process of geotagging your pictures with GPS data from your Google Latitude account.

What Happens Next?

As the information comes in from Google Latitude, Latipics will update the pictures and remove them from the app. You can safely assume that those have been successfully tagged!

In case some pictures could not be processed, a window will slide down from under the main window (called “Log”) to show you which pictures they are and what the reason is.

For more about troubleshooting, please see below.


Pictures that could not be updated typically fall into one of these two categories:

  1. 1. The picture file is invalid (wrong format, may be corrupted...)

  2. 2. The location could not be determined.

Latipics can’t do much about #1 but the other one could be one of the following scenarios:

  1. Google’s servers are busy and could not respond in time. In that case, it could be as easy as clicking                               again.

  1. No history was found in Google Latitude for the picture’s date and time. Try tweaking the sliders in Preferences to widen the time window used by Latipics to query Google Latitude.

        You could also check your Google Latitude history to make sure there is indeed an entry for the date and time you expect.

Does Latipics Work with iPhoto?

Yes. In fact, it has been designed with iPhoto in mind. Simply drag and drop into the app.

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