The Scripts

It is hard to overstate how powerful shell scripting is. It can bring a UNIX-based system to its knees in one line (sudo rm -R / anyone?) . It also allows you to dig deep into the system to uncover bits and pieces about your machine and your applications.

Combined with Geektool, it’s the most elegant way to monitor how your Mac is doing.

Diagnostic #2 with overall CPU usage

Diagnostic #3 with RAM usage (using file created in #2)

  1. -Available space on my main drive, on my Time Machine drive and on my auxiliary drive.

  2. -The last backup dates and times for my Backblaze account and Time Machine


Made of 2 geektool windows:

  1. -A Script that goes and gets the weather illustration, the text

  2. -An Image to display the said illustration

iTunes artist, track and

This set of scripts performs the following:

  1. -gets the artist and track names currently playing in iTunes

  2. -displays the lyrics if present in iTunes, otherwise tries to find them on the internet (using 3 different sites)

  3. -stores them in iTunes if found

  4. -puts out a growl notification if not found